Gabapentin For Pain

Gabapentin is off label used for treatment of nerve pain not all kinds of pains. 65% patients think it is effective for pain but as high as 35% think it doesnot work.

bubba smith Reviewed it very good for nerve pain:

“I have severe spine damage. t7 t8 and disc in between basically gone, nerve pain unbelievable. I tried lyrica in large dose and no relief.

Then one doctor said some meds don’t work on some but do on others you just have to get the correct one. So I tried gabapentin and to me it was a life saver, within 3 days the pain was gone or close to gone. 1800 mgs a day ( 6x300mg) plus 40 mg of oxyneo (4x10mg) which is oxycodone time release formula.

The pain specialist say maybe more dose needed but I can’t function properly. That is my minimum dose even drop 1 pill out of them amounts I can feel the difference in pain.

The side effects to me are , tiredness, constipation, memory, blurred vision, moody, seems heat and humid days if outside I get really disoriented so I stay inside”

But a Anonymous guy reviewed it not good for Knee Pain:

“My Husband was given this medication due to suffering long term knee pain. He took it for approx 6 weeks max and had to stop.

The most awful side effects you can imagine for the whole time blighted him.  Maybe he was just unlucky and this med didn’t suit him but it’s Cons certainly outweighed its Pros in his case.

Weight gain Excess gas Dizzyness Nausea Vomiting Diarrhoea Headaches…… Not a good one for him at all. UK Based.”

Because I am a recovering alcoholic it is crucial for me to find non-narcotic treatment for the persevering pain of my chronic pancreatitis.

I was feeling a bit hopeless with the repeated prescriptions of pain meds (which of course offer only temporary relief, and for me a danger of over-use), until my GI prescribed me Gabapentin.

This med has been incredibly successful in mitigating my pain, while also giving me huge energy (I’m a consistent runner so this factor is welcomed), and allowing me to move forward with my sobriety.

I give it four stars, though I realize like anything, it’s not for everyone. That said, good luck to you all with finding what works.


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